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Kathy has an obsession with Marc Jacobs, Mercedes, and Moleskine. When she isn't writing about rappers or British Folktronica, she's drinking unsweetened iced tea in NYC.

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The Elusive Genius of iamamiwhoami

Words and Interview by Kathy Iandoli. The internet is a very strange place, and iamamiwhoami makes it even stranger. Roughly three years ago, the Swedish electronic powerhouse began releasing sepia-toned visuals for a whole range of tracks on their YouTube page. Often times the vids portrayed a flaxen, ethereal goddess...

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El Perro Del Mar Lights Our Fire From Sweden

Words and Interview by Kathy Iandoli. There was a time long ago when Sarah Assbring had no intention of making music again. The Swedish siren spent years in the volatile slash analog Do-It-Yourself music scene at the start of the new millennium, questioning if it would ever pay off. At...

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Smile For Amanda Palmer (Pictures Or It Didn’t Happen)

Words and Interview by Kathy Iandoli Amanda Palmer is not your traditional rockstar…thank goodness. As a child, Palmer would throw mock art gallery openings in her living room for her parents, selling them watercolor paintings using the colors and paper they purchased for her. She’d make $20 at an “event”...

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How Technotronic and The Jets Made Kim Ann Foxman Famous

Words and Interview by Kathy Iandoli. Kim Ann Foxman has an interesting story to tell. Born in Hawaii, she was initially groomed for beauty pageants by her mother. That didn’t last very long. Kim got a job as a teenager working the smoothies bar at an all ages nightclub just...

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N.A.S.A. Prepares For Relaunch In 2013

Words and Interview by Kathy Iandoli. It’s been close to five years since N.A.S.A. collaborated with Kanye West on the track “Gifted.” With Lykke Li and Santigold on the assist, the duo comprised of Squeak E Clean and DJ Zegon crafted a breakout single that perfectly reflected the tone of...

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Nicole Moudaber’s Universal Language

Words and Interview by Kathy Iandoli. The newly coined EDM (see our EDM special report here) has become a hodgepodge of sorts for electronic music. Those who aren’t fluent in the roots of the genre often mistakenly toss any digital bassline into the EDM pile. Nicole Moudaber is out to...

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The Mad Ascent of Mad Decent: A Look Inside a Global Powerhouse

By Kathy Iandoli The greatest success stories in music always start from the ground up. With labels like Def Jam starting in a college dorm, it’s a misconception that successful music ventures begin in a boardroom. Philly-born Mad Decent is living proof. When Mad Decent opened its doors back in...

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Sweden’s Indie Scene is Unstoppable

Whether it's INGRD, Avicii, First Aid Kit or Icona Pop, the Swedes are definitely onto something. ......