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Kathy has an obsession with Marc Jacobs, Mercedes, and Moleskine. When she isn't writing about rappers or British Folktronica, she's drinking unsweetened iced tea in NYC.

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Diss Tracks Have Come a Long Way But Not Without Big Changes ...

Diss Tracks Have Come a Long Way But Not Without Bi...


Lil Kim and Foxy Brown: The Thelma and Louise Tale That Never Was

Lil Kim and Foxy Brown: The Thelma and Louise Tale ...

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50 Cent’s 25 Best Recent Guest Appearances - XXL

Throughout the tenure of 50 Cent’s career, he’s jumped on quite a few tracks. As the leader of G-Unit, there was always someone in the camp looking for a hot 16 from Fif. Add to that 50 Cent’s friends outside of his crew often needed some lyrical assistance on tracks,...

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25 Of Lauryn Hill’s Best Bars From 'The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill' And Beyond - XXL

On Sunday it will have been 15 years since Lauryn Hill dropped her solo debut album The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill. While the project displayed Hill’s incredible musical ambition and an advanced level of lyrical dexterity on a number of tracks, it was not the first time we heard L-Boogie...

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30 Best Biblical Bars About God On No Malice's 'Hear Ye Him' - XXL

As No Malice releases his solo debut album Hear Ye Him, it’s important to know that it’s a new day for the Clipse veteran. While his days as simply “Malice” were filled with bars about kilos and cooking coke, he always injected some mention to God in his words. An...

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The 15 Most Slept-On Rap Crew Members Of The Moment - XXL

The phrase “Slept-On” often sounds like a misnomer when you’re dealing with artists on the come up. Of course they’re “Slept-On,” when they haven’t even broken yet. However, hip-hop has a long history of the success of rap crews led by one very specific leader in each camp. The result...

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20 Of The Best Rap Outros - XXL

We all know how that it’s important how you start an album or mixtape, but how you finish it is equally vital to the success of any project. The final song, or “Outro” if you will, is the conclusion. It’s the last piece to the puzzle the artist has been...

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The 15 Current Kings Of Ad-Libs - XXL

Imagine a hip-hop song without a single ad-lib, just straight rhyming for three minutes and 30 seconds without a single pause for a laugh or a cool catch phrase. Sounds pretty uneventful, right? Ad-libs are as much a fiber in the fabric of rap as the actual rapping itself. Over...

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15 Rap Songs That Shout Out New Jersey - XXL

New Jersey often gets a bad rap—pun intended. To some it’s the sixth borough of New York City, but to others, the Garden State is the home of the Jersey Shore and we all watched how well that unfolded on MTV. Contrary to polarizing opinions, New Jersey is much more...

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25 Artists DJ Khaled Should Work With - XXL

It seems as though DJ Khaled has worked with everybody. And we mean everybody. Check Khaled’s catalog, and you might even find your own name on a feature off one of his many compilations. He possesses the gift of being able to corral various rappers from different regions and genres,...

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25 Of The Best Closing Lines In Rap - XXL

Rap music has a way of celebrating the opening line. It’s always the hard entry that has heads nodding and wanting to listen to the rest of the song. However, some songs start off strong and fade out into nothingness by the end. It’s a rapper’s duty to remain thorough...

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'Hard Core' Revisited: Lil Kim’s 25 Best Bars From Her Debut - XXL

It’s been almost 17 years since Lil Kim delivered her raunchy solo debut Hard Core. The album was executive produced by Puff Daddy and the Notorious B.I.G., but the impact of the songs didn’t solely lie in the lush production or the clever lyrics; Kim’s delivery was the driving point....